Podcasts are an excellent and interesting way to help draw further interest within your company.  They create an audio platform that can be used to inform and inspire both internal members of your company and also reach out to future clientele. It’s a form of marketing that has a lot more longevity than most.

The London Podcast Company have previously worked with record labels to encourage listenership and hype around new releases, fashion brands to promote new collections, libraries to heighten the awareness of their extensive catalogue of books, doctors to help tell their stories of life within the NHS, best selling authors to help share their visions, prison philanthropists to help cast a light on the criminal justice system- you name it, we may well have done it…

If you have an idea for a Podcast series, but are unsure how to make it happen, then we make your ideas become reality. 

Our team of engineers are specialists in audio production who can edit and master your audio to industry standard, including creating original jingles and idents and sourcing ad reads to generate income from your potential show. The team can also create an iTunes / Acast station for your podcast, to allow people to subscribe and access your show / audio more easily. 

We work from our podcast studio in East London, but also provide the option of bringing a portable recording set-up to your location (static and mobile) - this process can also be filmed to add more content to a social media package should you want to promote your podcast on other platforms. 

If you have an idea, but don't want to be the voice behind it, then we can provide experienced presenters as well.

The London Podcast Company works with both companies and individuals.  Please enquire for more information to start your podcasts series now!