The london podcast company

The London Podcast Company is a concept to creation Podcast Agency providing:

Recording / Filming / Editing / Idents & Jingles / Hosting & Distribution Assistance.

About us…

Podcasts are an excellent and innovative way to create interest around your business.  Podcasts create an audio platform that can be used to inform and inspire existing members of your company, and to reach out to future clientele - creating a marketing tool that has more longevity.

The London Podcast Company has worked with record labels to encourage listenership and build hype around new releases, fashion brands to promote new collections, libraries to heighten awareness of their extensive catalogue of books, doctors to help tell their stories of life within the NHS, and prison philanthropists to help shine a light on the criminal justice system; you name it, we may well have done it…

Do you have an idea for a Podcast series, but are unsure how to make it happen? We are the ones who can turn your ideas into reality. 

And who knows? Maybe your creation will become an iTunes featured Podcast, just like one of our clients, Lady Edwina Grosvenor and her excellent Podcast series, JUSTICE.