The london podcast company

Recording & Filming

For the majority of our clients, we travel to their offices with a high spec mobile recording set-up, and record in meeting rooms or quiet office spaces. Alternatively, if you can gather the team together , we have access to two fully equipped studios situated in Victoria and Westminster.

Clients can opt to have built-in Podcast Studios on their premises. We show them the ropes and they can then go onto record as and when works best for them. The files created through their recordings are then sent over to us and we edit, EQ and master the recordings to industry standards.

If you wish to film your Podcast for PR reasons or to add to a Youtube channel as well as your audio outlets, then we can do that as well.

Jingles / Music

We love to write original music for Podcasts. We’ll ask the client for examples of Podcast music they like, and then take it from there. Once the client is happy with the music, it is theirs to use as they wish, royalty free.

Content Uploading

We have good working relations with iTunes and Acast, and are happy to take control of the logistical elements of creating and uploading to your Podcast channel when required.